Terms and Conditions

General Provisions:

Welcome to Almazadalshamel.com
Almazadalshamel.com is one of the top leading electronic advertisement platforms. It offers opportunities for sellers to advertise their products and services under a wide range of sections, as with buyers who have the opportunity to find their needs, communicate directly with sellers or service providers to buy products and benefit from the services advertised. 

These Terms of use determine the nature of the agreement between you as a user and the “almazadalshamel.com”.
This agreement contains information that is important to you as it contains information about your content responsibilities and our responsibility to you. Whereas these terms and conditions govern how you use our website and any of our applications.

By entering the extensive Almazadalshamel.com, you agree to the following conditions:
By using our website and our applications, you acknowledge that you accept all of these terms and conditions, and therefore, if you do not acknowledge your acceptance of them or any part thereof, you must not use our site or our applications.

If you register for the Almazadalshamel or almazadalshamel.com, insert any materials or use any of the Almazad Alshamel and almazadalshamel.com’s services or applications, we will ask you for your express consent to these terms and conditions.

Your Account:
Getting some of the services in Almazadalshamel requires you to create your own account through your email or phone number and a password, and this email will be your authorized mail. You will also be responsible for the password security of your account, and you will be responsible for all activities therefrom. For this, you must protect your private password and choose a password that is difficult to access by others. we, in turn, recommend that all users to place your first and last name in the “User Name” box and prevent the use of names such as: Almazad alshamel or Almazad alshamel.com etc. It should be made known that we use your personal information to provide services and customer support to you and do our best to maintain it.

If your account has been hacked or used incorrectly, please immediately contact our customer service team.

Permits of use of Almazadalshamel: 
The user is authorized to post to any of our sections, except for following: 
Any material that violates any of laws or our prohibited content policy;
Post false or misleading advertisement;
Any material that violates any of our rights or third parties’ rights;
Post any malicious mail, chain letters, or hierarchical marketing scheme;
Harassing, annoying or otherwise harming other users of Almazad alshamel, in any manner or form; 
Impersonation of others, including Almazad alshamel, is prohibited, in the event of violation, the violator is held liable under the law;
Spread viruses or other technology that may harm the site, interests or property of users or any other person;
Any act of vandalism such as attempting to block the service or imposing an unreasonable burden on the site infrastructure;
Copy, post, or edit content for another person;
Use any prohibited means of accessing the site database and collecting content for any purpose, including bots, web spiders and similar methods;
Collect information about other users including private email or other personal information;
Override the procedures to prevent or restrict access to the site;
Use personal information of other persons without their express consent; and Any content that is contrary to law, public morality and good ethics.

Points and Prizes:
Almazad Alshamel site management has the right to cancel, delete or withhold any points or prizes that have been awarded or deserved to the customer according to his participation and use of the site or application, without giving any reasons. As soon as they enter the site or the application, all users acknowledge that they agree to this condition, as it is a voluntary withdrawal from the promise of the prize or points, or withholding, blocking, or preventing what has already been earned. By entering the site, you agree to that condition without compensation. Also, no user who deserves or has been awarded points or prizes is entitled to claim any compensation or value for them in the event that the comprehensive auction administration decides to withhold or prevent these points or prizes for any reason, as they are considered incentive prizes only.

Prohibited Content:
Any advertisement containing one or more of the following will be deleted:
Once the prohibited content is recognized, the site reserves the right to permanently delete the user's account, blacklist it or notify the appropriate authorities to enforce the necessary law.

The prohibited content is:
Alcohol, wine, tobacco products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, intoxicants, medicines and sedatives, or even putting links, whether direct or indirect, to materials, products or services, which are prohibited by law (for food supplements and slimming products
and cosmetic cream), we should be provided with a copy of approval from the Food and drug Administration (FDA). The equipment and medicines that do not require approval from the FDA are excluded.
Also, the natural or artificial human organs, including blood and body fluids.
Prostitution or other services contrary to the provisions of the law, the Islamic law, good ethics and public morality.
Sexual tools and gestures: It contains everything that can violate public decency, including but not limited to idols or imaging genitals.
Legally prohibited monuments or treasures.
Information and materials that refer to defamation, slander, threat or even offense.<br>
False information about the nature or use of products and services.
Counterfeit or stolen goods or legally unauthorized services.
Goods, materials and services that violate the intellectual property and rights of any third party, or even the privacy of any person.
Transfer computer viruses or any software that can hack and damage computer systems and pull personal data.
Your information should not contain any content that insults users, beliefs, animals, or causes damage to others.
Fireworks, explosives, explosive devices, and other burning and dangerous materials.
Personal documents, financial records and any personal information including mailing lists.
Your advertisement must not contain gaming machines.
Police and army equipment, including badges, official uniform, coats, weapons, and other items are prohibited from using.
Post advertisements to competitive sites or company for Almazad alshamel only after notifying and approval of Almazad alshamel.
Weapons and related tools (ex: Firearms, ammunition, tear gas, rifles, sharp instruments)
Hierarchical marketing schemes and services to fraud users.

*Misusing of Almazad alshamel:
Please use the alert system to inform us of any issues or inappropriate content to work together to maintain the correct course of the services provided by the site, and we, in turn, will terminate our services toward those who misuse the site, remove their content, and take legal action to preserve the rights of other users. If any of these actions are taken, the Site is not responsible for the nature of any inappropriate content posted and its consequences, as when you use Almazad alshamel, you acknowledge that you consent as a user to be directly responsible for the content you include on Almazad alshamel.

The following practices are prohibited when posting to Almazad alshamel:
Post repeated advertisements.
Delete and republish advertisements frequently.
Post advertisements with misleading titles, content, and images.
Post advertisements with inappropriate pictures.
Post advertisements with redirection links to other sites.
Post advertisements with public content or public advertising content.
Post fraudulent and fictitious advertisements.
Post advertisements that contain the word “housemaid/housemaids” or any other word that is contrary to the laws of the state, public morality, and good ethics.
The violator is the sole responsibility of the violating this.

Almazad alshamel contains things that the site itself and users also provide, and as a user of the site, you agree not to copy, modify, or post our proprietary and trademark rights.
When you post any of your content on our platform, you give us a not annulled standing right to apply the site's content and publication rights and policy, and if you feel your rights are being violated, please inform our Customer Service Department and we will investigate it. We still have the right to remove any content in violation of any of our Terms of use or the third partiy rights.

Safe Using Tips:
You can sell and buy through Almazad alshamel by finding the item you wish to buy first, then contact the advertiser through the available communication methods, ask what you want, and agree on the sale and delivery process, so that the sale is safe without fraud, we ask you to make sure that there is a real item, by checking it out and not sending any cash to any entity without confirming the advertiser and the item, preferably contact the advertiser and meet him on the ground, and avoid pre-payment and shipping. 

You can follow the following tips and steps when selling and buying at the Almazad alshamel site:
Select the seller wisely.
– Do not deliver any funds before obtaining the service provided by the advertiser
. Request pictures from the actual product.
Know the product status. (Ask them all of the major and minor questions of the advertisement such as: product status, reason for sale, and product details).
.Make sure that the product price is within reasonable range (if you have any idea of how to price the product, you can do a quick search to get an idea of the price.
Use secure payment methods, you can remember the information before meeting the seller or buyer
Inspect the product before purchase and make sure it is safe and it has no damage.
– Do not deliver any funds before obtaining the service provided by the seller.
Confirm the meeting place to deliver or receive product. - Ask the seller in full about the product before purchasing.

You should note that Almazad alshamel is not responsible for the sale and purchase between advertisers, and is not responsible for chats conducted in the public chat room, and everyone is responsible for his acts, as we are just a mediator between the seller and the buyer to show free classified advertisements.
You can recognize the fraudsters, by suspecting any unsafe sales attempts or by fraudsters if the displayed items advertisements contain not real pictures posted online. If the price is too low, compared to the local market.
When asked for additional product pictures, they are not available from the seller. On inquiry regarding details about any clause of the advertisements, many inconsistent answers are given.
When you request to meet them to check or receive the product, they provide too many excuses.
They insist that the money is transferred quickly!
You can report fraudsters by contacting the competent authorities immediately, if you suspect of posting an advertising on Almazad alshamel by a user, we urge you to go to the police if you are caught in a fraud trap to file a complaint about what you have been exposed to.
We are ready to provide the police with any information that benefits the investigation, upon their official request.
Fill out a request quickly so that we can stop the person's account after making the necessary investigations.

Reporting intellectual property rights violations:
Users are prohibited from posting any content contains violating the third party's proprietary rights; this includes, but is not limited to, the violating of third party intellectual property and trademarks rights (as well as advertising fictitious materials for sale). We have the right to remove any content that is contrary to our publication policy and the protection of the rights of others. If you feel that one of our advertisements violates your proprietary and trademark rights, then simply report it to our Customer Service Department, and only those who have these rights can file a report against the terms and advertisements that they are likely to refer to and as having a capacity.

Fees and Services:
Generally, the advertising on Almazad alshamel is free, but we charge some of the services we provide to users. If you use a fee-based service, you will be required to review and approve, and you pay in either local currency or US dollars. We may change that mechanism from time to time, and we, in turn, will inform you of any change in the payment policy by posting it on the site. We may choose some changes in the payment method temporarily when we publish new promotions or services, on the other hand, these charges are non-refundable and you will have to pay them, if you do not, we will invalidate the service you used.

Advertise for Agencies:
This term belongs to the third party, which is the agent, service, or service content on behalf of others, and the Almazad alshamel policy prohibits such advertising, whether direct or indirect, without written permission from Almazad alshamel. In addition, it is prohibited to post advertisements on behalf of the parties concerned except with a written permission or license from the same site.
Waivers and Liability Limits:
The services of Almazad alshamel are provided as existed or available, and as a user, you agree that the site will not be held liable for any content posted by other users including, but not limited to:
The direct advertisements or messages among users, and the site does not guarantee the accuracy of existing advertisements, communications, security, or even compliance with the laws, because most of the posted content on the site are by users, as well as not assuring the continued access to the services. There is no as you go alert system about services and that is beyond our control, including postponement or delays due to your geographic location or Internet status. In accordance with the legally authorized limit, we disclaim our responsibility from any express or implied warranties, statements and conditions, including quality, marketability, the nature of commercial circulation, durability and suitability for the purpose for which it was created. Also, we are not responsible for any loss, whether a money loss (including profit), good reputation or any specific or indirect damage arising from the site’s use, even we are informed with that.
Terms of Use Through Mobiles:
If you use Almazad alshamel through our mobile app, this terms of use Agreement and the privacy policy posted on the site apply to you, as well as the mobile privacy policy, legal notice, and customer license agreement, and your use of the app confirms your agreement to these terms of use. 

App Use:
Almazad alshamel gives you the right to personal use of its application, so you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the Third Party Terms Agreement (ex: Wireless network service agreement). The app may not contain all the functions and services provided by the Almazad alshamel site, and you can download and use the Almazad alshamel app so that you are responsible for any damage to your device or loss of data caused by uploading and using it.

You agree to indemnify, defend and protect Almazad alshamel with its officials, directors, employees and agents for any claims, cases, requests, damages, losses, attorneys' fees or claim fees arising out of any violation of these terms and conditions or any activity related to your account (including negligence or unlawful conduct) by you or anyone else accessing the site using your account.

Law & Jurisdiction:
These terms of use and all transactions entered into on or through the Site and the relationship between you and Almazad Alshamel or almazadalshamel.com are governed by the laws of the State of Qatar.
By using our website, you consent to the resolution of any disputes between you and Almazad Alshamel or almazadalshamel.com by arbitration, and to waive any claim against Almazad Alshamel, almazadalshamel.com or any of its affiliates before the courts.