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اداره شركه تنظيفات

اداره شركة تنظيفات وتشغيلها خبره 15سنه

111111 Q.R

مهندس ميكانيكا

مهندس ميكانيكا تصنيف أ خبره اكتر من ١٠ سنوات داخل قطر

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We are looking for Cooker and kitchen he

We are looking for Cooker and kitchen helper And I need Dish washer Send cv to 33010041

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limousine ‎company ‎drivers ‎wanted ‎

12 limousine company drivers different nationalities Sri Lanka India Transfer of sponsorship

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سيده عربيه ابحث عن اي عمل ضروري لظروف صعبه

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Computer ‎Science ‎Engineer

Center Al Layth Doha-Qatar IT Teacher +Preparing lesson plans on data base and python at all levels. +Collaborate with many industrial companies for projects end of studies. +Develop a programm for robotics. TUNITEL IT engineer ( Optic Fiber) +Assist the project manager in planning development and repporting. +Interact with engineering and operations team for developing procedures of work. +Work with HSE leadership to prepare appropriate job safety analysis for the activities on site. +Identify personal and equipement resources necessary to perform activities for assigned systems. +Interface with companie representative (SPIE, SOGETEL...) for problem￾solving and resolution of project issues. +Read, interpret and approve vendor documents, project drawings and schematic diagrams. General Transport and Petroleum Service (GTSP) Gabes-Tunis Instrumentation and maintenance engineer +Analyse work problems and make corrections for equipement such as control valves, thermal senses, pressure indicators, and electronics cards..... +Coordinate activities with other department. +Ensure equipement is installed and tested in accordance with standars and procedure. +DCS System integrity application and function check according to control phylosophy. +Subsystem integration and communication test SCADA, Modbus protocol and OPC server with DCS F&G, IPS system application and function check using and effect. +Testing, Calibration, Loop chack Tank Gauging system. +Reporting and keeping spare parts up to date in coordination with warehouse. Tunisian Companie of Electrical and Gaz: ALSTOM Combined-Cycle Power Plant(400MW) Project end of years Program automatic ion exchange resin regeneration system: +Programming on RSlogix500. +Supervision on RSview32. +Studying the installation material. Fluorine Chemical Industry (ICF) Supervision on Win cc flexible sp2

8000 Q.R

مطلوب سواق هندي في البيت

عاوز سواق هندي يشتغل في البيت

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limousine ‎draiver ‎

Hiring Vacancies in Al Mazaya Limousine Company in the limousine service with a system of car renting up to owning 2020/2021 model cars are available At reasonable prices for everyone for the following car models Hyundai Accent Hyundai Elantra Hyundai Creta Hyundai Tucson -We have a rental service for car models above 2018 and above. - we also have limousine stickers rental option. Drivers vacancies are available with sponsorship transfer only. sponsorship transfer has to be to obtain work applications such as Uber & Careem. For inquiries, please call the following numbers 77071959 33317162

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شاب عربي مندوب ابحث عن عمل مناسب لدي الشركات والافراد

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ابحث عن عمل يوجد لدي ليسن

ابحث عن عمل يوجد لدي ليسن

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عبد القادر 31570642

شاب سوداني مندوب خبره 5سنه ابحث عن عمل لدي الشركات والافراد

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مطلوب يائس لعائلة قطرية

1800 Q.R

المره جوال 31570642

شاب سوداني مندوب خبره عشره سنه يبحث عن عمل مناسب

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مندوب جوزات

شاب سوداني مندوب ابحث عن عمل مناسب

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ابحث عن عمل

شاب عربي العمر27 حاصل على دبلوم عالى نظم معلومات وعندي رخصة قيادة

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مطلوب موظفين وموظفات ضيافة ونظافةشرط نقل الكفالة

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ابحث عن عمل سائق

سائق ملتزم وعلي درايه تامه بجميع مناطق الدوحه

1111 Q.R

ابحث عن عمل

مطلوب وظيفة

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